Recently, I received some positive feedback from a client. I was very pleased, as I had put in additional time to do some extra research, so it was very gratifying to hear that both he and his parent were happy. However, I have a dilemma.

I was raised in a strong Catholic family/community where vanity, hubris and arrogance were frowned upon. We were programmed to give and receive nothing in return, to work hard with no expectation of praise.

So when it comes to sharing the testimonial with others, or using it as a marketing tool, guilt sits heavily upon me. If I share, does it mean I am arrogant? If I don’t share, how else can I advertise myself as a consultant?

I am sure there must be many who shy away from the limelight, even though they know they should go out to meet it. Have you faced this dilemma? Do you feel awkward and a charlatan if you sing your own praises? I did post the feedback I received on Facebook today, with no expectations of praise but I would like to receive something in return – just a few more people to help.