From a very young age,I remembered the criticisms I received. “Too sensitive.” my mother said, and perhaps that’s true. But I am not alone in taking criticisms to heart and letting praise go through to the keeper. Negative comments can sit with us for many years – in fact the whole ‘positivity’ industry is built on teaching us to let go of the negative experiences of the past and present. So for a bit of fun I thought I would turn some criticisms I may or may not have received into attributes.  A good exercise in exorcising I believe.

  1. Impetuous, prone to changing her mind – Flexible and adaptable
  2. Talks too much in class – Show interest in those around her
  3. Too giddy to be reliable – Optimistic and positive in the face of adversity
  4. Fails to clean up around the house – Prioritizes important tasks
  5. Fails to change her ways – Shows resilience and perseverance
  6. Easily distracted – Sees new opportunities and grasps them
  7. Fidgety – Energetic and determined, eager to progress
  8. Gullible, people pleaser – Kind and generous, believes in others

I am sure there are many more you can add.

Why not take some criticisms that you are harbouring and turn them into positive attributes and employability skills for your future?