Choosing a degree/career pathway will not only depend on the cost of the degree or whether there will be employment at the end. It will depend on a student’s ability to adapt, deal with change and disappointment. It will depend on their resilience and their determination to stay the course.

My coaching taps into what the heart wants first, rather than the head, and while I still encourage this  (despite the recent economic challenges facing students in the COVID era), it is imperative that significant research is undertaken with regard to the financial security of a study pathway.  Students need to be armed with the following to support them as they make post-secondary study choices.

  • Good self- awareness – identify and acknowledge strengths and weaknesses early on to be better equipped to deal with emerging crises.
  • FACTS about what studying at University or TAFE is all about.
  • Understanding of job security is a chosen field
  • An understanding of personal risks in undertaking higher education (see above). Going to University for ‘something to do’ is not a good reason to study.
  • Good support network – keeping positive about the future will help students stay in the course.
  • An open and flexible mindset to enable them to lay down foundations for their futures. A degree is part of the journey not the destination.

Transitioning to University Package

$600 per semester (or one-off individual consultation) + GST

Monthly coaching and mentoring (face to face, ZOOM or Facetime)

Mobile access between consultations

Assistance with setting study goals, action plans and study timetables

Academic advising

Additional consultations at a discounted rate