When things aren’t going well, we might be told to take heart. The definition of ‘take heart’ is to be courageous. It means to be encouraged, to be optimistic, to believe that there  is something better on the horizon.

What’s happening now during the COVID19  crisis challenges us to do and be all these things. However, it’s much easier than said. I use the acronym ‘take HEART’ when coaching to help students or others without direction to choose a pathway. It might be helpful to others as well.


Listen to your HEART. Give your spirit a chance to shine through. Who are you? What do you care about? What gives you joy? What can you do now that you couldn’t before? Don’t overthink it.


Start with what you find EASY.


Do an AUDIT of your existing skills. Most of us have skills that we don’t even recognise (outside of the ones we employ in our workplace). Skills can be tangible or intangible, visible or invisible. Being a good listener is a skill as much as being digitally literate. Get to know yourself better. Joanna Maxwell in her book “Rethink Your Career” calls it ‘taking stock’.


Do your RESEARCH. If you are interested in a new career path or have an idea, research the market thoroughly. Who are you competing against? What is the cost? Are there real opportunities for employment? Will you be able to employ some of your skills. Will you need to go back to study?


TAKE responsibility for your own future. You just have to keep going. Make a plan, move forward, tick some boxes.

(That’s something we all can do).

Good luck. If you need help or encouragement, please feel free to contact me.