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Coaching, Support and Action Plans

Successful Transitioning to University

Approximately one in five students drop out of university in Australia in their first year,” according to Vivian Wuthrich, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University. This is not news to most of us and parents are constantly reminded of the recent focus on issues surrounding mental health in every demographic. Ms Wuthrich goes on to say that, “students who have previously struggled with emotional difficulties or mental health problems are most at risk. But the earlier the strategies to support these students are put in place, the more likely they are to succeed.”

There is also a high attrition rate in first year because students have chosen the wrong programme. This can be a very expensive mistake, particularly if students find it difficult to deal with University bureaucracy and protocols. Open to Success provides support from the outset to ensure students choose the programme that is best aligned with what is in their heart (before their head), what they find easy and what their skills base is. The Take Heart strategy leads them toward thorough research, which empowers them to make a considered decision about their University programme.

Course Selection Coaching

For those who are struggling to make a decision about a study pathway, Open to Success offers a solutions – focused, cognitive approach to transition  coaching. The aim is that a client will navigate their own pathway, with a better understanding of themselves. The coachee takes ownership of the decision making process, walking away with a clear ‘to do’ list  and action plan after each consultation.

Transitioning to University Coaching

Some of the challenges first year students will face include finding suitable accommodation in an affordable price range, making new friends, dealing with separation anxiety and alcohol management, developing strong study habits. Even navigating their way around a large University can be daunting.  Budgeting is something that needs to be addressed early so that students are self reliant and moving toward emotional and financial independence. Transition Coaching includes wellbeing and fitness  support, study timetabling and goal setting.