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Open to Success offers support, coaching and action plans to ease students’ transitions from senior secondary schooling to University.

Having been  Deputy Head and Head of two residential Colleges on campus, I have witnessed first hand the challenges students face, from choosing the right course to transferring from the wrong one.

My success and wellness coaching provides an opportunity to sit and talk through dilemmas. For those who are struggling with organising their lives, I provide support, encouragement and most importantly a clear structure which addresses obstacles and determines various options to deal with them. For those who are struggling to make a decision about a study pathway, I employ a solutions – focused cognitive approach to my consultation. The aim is for a client to navigate their own pathway, with a better understanding of themselves. Coaching is about the coachee taking ownership of the decision making process (with assistance) and then walking away with a clear action plan.

I am a Certified Level 2 Wellness Coach, AusRep registered Personal Trainer and  Executive Coach and hold a Master of Education (Leadership and Management).

I asked some happy clients to provide some testimonials below.

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“Thankyou Therese for helping my son through his transition to Uni following a gap year. Your rural background and experience meant that you empathised with his situation and understood his apprehension. Your advice has given him the confidence to continue with his study and to believe that he is very capable of achieving great things. 

Maree Cover

All of a sudden, we found ourselves struggling to support our first year university student!  He was living away from home for the first time – and half way across the country!  As parents, we had underestimated the impact of all that was “new” for him.  He loved college life and was thriving there.  However, his course was tough, aspects of city life were new and it was clear that we all needed some help.  The support we received from Open to Success put things to right.  Therese was able to meet with our son immediately, she quickly established what was required, and helped us all to put a plan in place.  Beyond that, she was available to guide him with subsequent decisions and to “uncloud” what can be a pretty murky process. He is now on track for a fresh start academically in 2019.  We knew immediately that he was settled and comfortable with all the advice that Therese provided, that he was able to proceed with confidence, and that he had a coach – and a friend – close at hand to help navigate the changes. As a family living in remote Australia, we recommend this service highly. 

Wendy Troe – Ned

In my first year of university study, I was struggling with my course, and was lacking motivation to do my work. I met with Thérèse and she was incredibly helpful with putting me on the right track, and helped me organise myself to achieve my best results at university.


Student Transition Coaching

Session One:

  • Orientation: Who are you?

  • Includes some simple personality testing, discussion of current issues, problems and goals.

Session Two

  • Exploration: Where are you going?

  • We look at options, opportunities and obstacles. What sort of student do you want to be?

Session Three

  • Navigation: How are you going to get there?

  • We create a pathway/action plan/practical strategy that is based on the previous sessions.

Session Four

  • Arrival: Looking for your future success.

  • This stage involves research in to courses, Universities, TAFES, comparing options and gathering important information e.g. costs/fees, ATAR cut offs, dates for application.