20 min complimentary initial consult



One on One

$140/hr + GST (+ travel time)

This session deals with resolving simple issues and problems and can be conducted face to face, by phone, Facetime or Skype. It can also include background research into Universities, courses and accommodation prior to making final choices for entry to Higher Education and/or the work force and career. It can also be used as a follow up session to the 4 hour Transition Package

NB: Should you decide to proceed, fees are payable in advance of the consultation. 

Future Focus Consultation

One consultation – $140 + GST (+ travel time)
Four consultations  – $450 + GST  (includes travel time)

In this single session, clients have an opportunity to explore some of the issues and concerns they may have about their future. We also look at current issues which might be causing problems. Students, for example, may be confronting obstacles to them achieving their best academic results. Others may have  emotional issues that hinder them from progressing in a  chosen career. Using a solution based, cognitive behaviour approach, we explore issues and identify goals, to develop personal pathways to a successful future.

NB: Should you decide to proceed, fees are payable in advance of the consultation. 

Year 10/11 Self-Awareness Package
The 3 Ws Programme

 3 x 50 min approx sessions – $350 + GST (includes travel time)

Session 1
Who am I?
Laying down the foundations for the future
The “Three Ws” programme begins with a session which encourages students to engage in personal discovery. Activities include questionnaires, journaling, and others (depending on the student interest) which open the door to greater personal self-awareness.

Session 2
Where am I going?
Building a research portfolio around the school subjects studied.
What to expect from University? What about a VET pathway?

One key factor that influences attrition rate in the first year of post secondary school education is the lack of research done by students.  This session takes the stress out of researching degrees and understanding the options available.

Session 3
What do I need to do next? 
Working from strengths, likes, skills and talents, create an action plan for success

Students often have a dream of what they’d like to do but some come unstuck because they have not achieved the academic results to gain entry to their desired course. There are multiple pathways to be explored. At this stage, it is also important for students to engage in some self awareness activities again – to ascertain where and how they have changed, how they have grown and who they aspire to become.

NB: Should you decide to proceed, fees are payable in advance of the consultation. 

Year 12 University Study Choice Package

4 x 1 hr approx – $450.00 + GST (includes travel time)

Session 1:
Orientation: Who are you?

Includes some simple personality testing, discussion of current issues, problems and goals. Basically, it’s a ‘getting to know you’ session.

Session 2
Exploration: Where are you going?

We look at options, opportunities and obstacles.

Session 3
Navigation: How are you going to get there?

We create a pathway or practical strategy that is based on the student’s previous sessions.

Session 4
Arrival: What do you need to study?

Includes background research in courses, Universities, TAFES.

NB: Should you decide to proceed, fees are payable in advance of the consultation. 

Transitioning to University Package

$600 per semester (or one-off individual consultation) + GST

Monthly coaching and mentoring (face to face, ZOOM or Facetime)

Mobile access between consultations

Assistance with setting study goals, action plans and study timetables

Academic advising

Additional consultations at a discounted rate