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Parent support and student transition coaching

  • Orientation: Who are you?
  • Exploration: Where are you going?
  • Navigation: How are you going to get there
  • Arrival: What do you need to study

Transitioning to University can be challenging and once there, those challenges may change so whether you’re looking for emotional, academic or practical support, Open to Success can assist. From the simplest of questions about managing your timetable or where to shop, to more complex issues around study and time management, there is some-one to turn to for help. However, rather than waiting  to arrive at Uni, getting a head start in Year 12 will develop confidence and reduce the anxiety of wondering what’s coming next.

With that in mind, providing support in Year 12 and in the “Fresher” year is vitally important. Universities are beginning to come on board but simply cannot keep up with the demand for student services. So that is where I come in. Having observed this deficit over a number of years as a Deputy Head, an academic in the Education Faculty of a large University and then as Head of another residential College, I decided to use the skills, education and experience I have to step into this void.


Early years language and literacy support

  • One on one literacy coaching with parents and children at home
  • Talking the talk – using incidental moments to encourage learning
  • Learning through play – strategies to encourage language learning

$60/hour + GST

Personal and professional development coaching

  • One on one success, life and professional coaching



Seminars, workshops and talks

  • Choosing your pathway to a successful future – smoothing the transition
  • It’s okay not to know
  • What student are you going to be?
  • One step will make a difference
  • The Jigsaw Strategy
  • Positive Psychology – Towards Good Decision Making

Fee on application