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Identifying your Career Pathway

Year 11

Why wait until Year 12 to get the support needed to navigate a successful pathway to a career post schooling? The Take Heart strategy of coaching focuses on a student’s natural abilities and accumulated skills, allowing them to make subject choices in Year 12 that are more likely to guarantee success. In three sessions, student develop confidence in themselves, enabling them to make their own decisions, relying less on advice from others and more upon their own ability to self actualise, research and take action.

Year 12

“I don’t know,” is a common response to the question, “What are you going to do once you finish school?”

However, with some careful questioning and guidance, my students/clients often find that they do know what they want to do – they just haven’t been able to verbalise that in a rational and logical way.

The  recommendations on this website show that my coaching leads to successful outcomes, allowing  students  to focus on their studies with positivity and determination to reach their goals.

Rather than waiting  to arrive at University, getting a head start in Year 12 will develop confidence and reduce the anxiety of wondering what’s coming next.

University Transition

Transitioning to University can be challenging and once there, those challenges may change.  Whether a student is looking for emotional, academic or practical support, Open to Success can assist, from choosing what to study at University, to the best study strategies once there.

From the simplest of questions about managing a timetable or where to shop, to more complex issues around study and time management, there is some-one to turn to for help.

Providing support in Year 12 and in the “Fresher” year is vitally important.

Career Coaching

Stuck in a job you feel is going nowhere? Feel that your career is going nowhere? Are your skills unrecognised or perhaps you feel you have  chosen the wrong career pathway. Using strategies underpinned by experience, cognitive neurology and wellness training, I am able to support you in making the change that you are looking and longing for. Being to open to success means communicating your worries and concerns. However, the next step is the important one. Identifying a vision for your future, setting goals and developing an action plan gives you hope for the future. “Take Heart”  is the coaching method I have developed to help you tap into your heart before your head. We then add in your current skills and experiences to create the ‘bigger picture” of who you are and where you’re going.

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