Design your Action Plan for the Future


Therese Eddy


Many people struggle to identify who they are, where they are going, and  what sort of profession they would like to enter. Others realise that they are stuck in one career, and though they would like to step sideways, or move ahead they are not sure how to. COVID has seen many  made redundant, many lose  jobs, have to close businesses and face unprecedented change. These may seem insurmoutable challenges but communicating concerns and making plans for the future can alleviate a great deal of stress and distress.


In 2018, I established Open to Success because I had seen first hand the struggles students experienced, making well considered decisions for their career and study futures. Initially I used my training and experience to provide wellness,  study and career coaching, for students as they transition to the next stage of their lives.


In 2021, I am here to support those who are needing direction to enable them to move forward – to identify a skills base and use the experience and qualifications they have to create a better future. My work is about building resilience for the future, whether you are a student, graduate, parent, unemployed or wishing to change careers. Social and emotional learning; in other words, knowing yourself,  and others, managing your emotions, building relationships and problem solving are the skills required for a successful future. I can help you accumulate the soft skills you need for the workplace of the future.

The Open to Success strategy enables clients to  construct an action plan aligning with their skills, interests and aspirations. The focus is on providing a clear foundation for success, using my own Take Heart  coaching methodology, which stems from solution-based, neuro cognitive behavioral theories and techniques. This assistance is delivered in one-to-one coaching sessions or group presentations within a school setting.

About Me

I consider myself a country girl and maintain an affinity with a rural setting and communities. I was born in Dalby, Queensland and then moved to Goondiwindi when I was 14 with my family after my father purchased a sheep property. I attended boarding school in Toowoomba for four years before completing my schooling at Goondiwindi High School.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (English, History, and Drama) and Diploma of Education (Secondary) from The University of New England, Armidale, I returned to Goondiwindi for my first year teaching. What a challenge that was! Limited prac experience meant we were all thrown in the deep end. However, new friends were made, old friendships reestablished and cemented so that to this day Goondiwindi is a special place to visit.

After studying Japanese and then living in Tokyo, I gained valuable business, marketing and immigration experience within the Hospitality sector working at the Park Hyatt. I soon realised that teaching  was my first vocation and city  life was not for me. I took up a position  at The Armidale School in Armidale. where I met my husband Greg Eddy, at that time Deputy Head of St Albert’s College. This began almost thirty continuous years of residence in University Residential Colleges on three different campuses – The University of New England, Macquarie University and The University of Queensland. Armidale is also where we had our three sons, James, Nic and Luke.

In 2005, we moved from Dunmore Lang College at Macquarie University in Sydney, so that Greg could take  up the position of Master and CEO of King’s College within the University of Queensland, while I taught Japanese at Marist College Ashgrove. We have lived on campus at UQ for 16 years.

In 2011, I was appointed Deputy Head of The Women’s College within The University of Queensland, after having moved from Marist to work at King’s College, as the Foundation’s Marketing and Events’ Manager.

In 2015, I graduated with a Master of Education (Leadership and Management) from Queensland University of Technology where I was recognised by QUT as an outstanding student and a member of the Golden Key Society.

In 2016, I took up the position of Head of Duchesne College, a women’s College on campus at The University of Queensland, a position I held for two years, before resigning when it was apparent that King’s College was going to transition to co-residential accommodation.

In 2018, I  established Open to Success, to provide one on one coaching, career and study support for all students – rural and metropolitan, drawing on my extensive experience and qualifications in wellness and executive coaching.



  • Master of Education (Leadership and Management)
  • Executive Coaching Certificate (Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology)
  • Wellness Coach (Level 2 AusRep)
  • Bachelor of Arts (English, History, Drama)
  • Diploma of Education (Secondary)
  • Associate Diploma of Modern Languages (Japanese)
  • Master of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)
  • Triple P Parenting Certificate
  • Personal Trainer