Supporting Guiding Coaching

Supporting Guiding Coaching

Supporting Guiding Coaching

Educating and Coaching for Success

Thérèse Eddy is a career, executive and wellness coach

Undertaking a broad range of roles and positions, has inspired Thérèse to help others navigate a path to their successful futures. Whether a student embarking on a University career and unsure of what to choose, transitioning into the work place from parenthood or out of it, or transitioning to a new position for a variety of reasons; whether you need to improve your overall wellness and fitness or simply need some-one to talk to, Thérèse’s background and education, coupled with her personal and work place experiences, makes her an expert in transitioning.

Opening the door to success and overcoming obstacles can be challenging but with a map, a guide and the right vehicle, anything is possible. Starting the journey is sometimes the hardest step.

Open to Success provides the support needed to take the next step, regardless of what stage of life you are at.

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