What is Success?

A definition

“Achievement of an action within a specified period of time, achievement of desired visions and planned goals.”

Everyone’s definition of success differs. For some it is enrolling in a degree – and graduating, for others it is financial stability and a thriving business, or it is about good health and relationships. Some wish to successfully balance a career with family and others simply want to create a balance in all aspects of their lives. Your personal definition of success is what matters and this is where good coaching comes in. In the end, leading a happy and well balanced life is what we all aspire to do.

What is Wellness and Success Coaching?

Unlike Life Coaching, Wellness and Success Coaching focuses on clearly identified goals. However, while goal setting is not new, it is clear that this is never enough. The philosophy of Open to Success is that to set these goals, we have to know ourselves. Of utmost importance is developing a sense of self. Self awareness (not to be confused with self-centredness) leads to a real understanding of not just what we want to do but what suits our needs and personalities. Being authentic satisfies our need to believe in ourselves and for others to do so as well.

Open to Success = being Open to Opportunity

The other reason that goal setting is never enough is that we can become so goal centred that we lose our peripheral vision and miss out on opportunities on the road to success. Sometimes we need a guide to help us when we come to a fork in the road – sometimes a detour is well worth taking.

Coaching = Encouragement

There is nothing we need more than encouragement, when embarking on a new pathway. My essential purpose and mission is to boost your confidence, listen to your concerns and use broad ranging skills and experience so that you build from the skills you already have, grow towards what you love and like, to be the person you want to be – emotionally, physically, intellectually, psychologically.