Recently, I was scrolling through documents on my IPad and came across some old study  notes from when I was studying for a Master in Leadership and Management. Among the screeds of notes and assignments on leadership, I came across one page that took my attention. It was Mezirow’s Ten Phases of Transformative Learning. I read through it slowly and realised that I was on a journey – one that many had taken before me and that I was well down the road. I’d like to share this with you because sometimes when we are a little lost, we tend to think that we’re the only ones who experience uncertainty in our career options, or relationships or in decision making. However, there is any amount of research to prove, that unless we embrace the agony that comes with personal transformation, we may never realise our true potential. Mezirow’s steps are not set in concrete and is somewhat dated now but most of you will no doubt recognise some similarities in the process with what you have experienced or are experiencing in your lives. I, for one, took great comfort from the fact that I’m well down the road with the transformation I am trying to make in my life with regard to my career and work/life balance. Sometimes, it might seem that we are making little headway but what gives me hope is that, though our external progress may not be apparent, the internal transformation cannot be stopped if we are patient, curious,willing to learn and  to move forward one step at a time.

Where are you up to with your transformative learning?

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