“ …. can be very tough on herself and sets the bar high. She really appreciated the interest you showed in her by inviting her to your house. Sounds like you are doing some amazing things to help the girls cope with the pressures of life.”
Mother of teenager

“I’ve known Thérèse for years as she has navigated her path, diverging from parenting to career to study and sometimes balancing the three. If any-one knows about transitioning it’s her.”
Former colleague

“Thank you Thérèse ☺️💕 thank you for taking care of me during last year and encouraging me to go to more events. I will try to fit more time for some activities.”

“I know Thérèse to be genuinely dedicated – both on a personal and professional level – to empowering young people to be the best they can be. She has the skills, knowledge and personality to be able to help people chart their own course to success, in whatever form that takes. Thérèse knows how to connect with people from all walks of life, and has the wisdom and life experience to really make a difference.”
Media Relations & PR Manager, Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, Triple P International

“Thérèse guided my 19 year old daughter in navigating university life by providing direct advice and support, mindfulness training through the medium of art and importantly by modelling determination , effort and character via her academic achievements, healthy lifestyle and mostly her resilience and grace.”

Parent of College student

“Thérèse’s  ability to quickly interpret the essence of a concept, interaction or situation makes conversing with her insightful and such a pleasure.  She is a strong, confident connector of people and has many wonderful gifts.”

“A wonderful mentor and confidant, giving clarity to the seemingly unclarifiable”.
Former client

“Thérèse was exceptional in making me feel welcome in the workplace by being kind, friendly and helpful in times of need. She also helped me grow into a young woman, motivating me to do my absolute best in my endeavours. I believe Open to Success will help everyone no matter what, especially when in the hands of such an excellent mentor.”
Student and employee

“I have been fortunate enough to have had Thérèse guide me through both fitness and wellness coaching. Her knowledge and experience in these fields was extensive and I gained greatly as a result. Thérèse has an infectious energy, passion and dedication and would recommend her services to anyone who has a willingness to better themselves.”

Former client

‘Thérèse provided wonderful opportunities for me to give back and connect with the girls at my former university college. I know her to be a warm, motivating and inspiring person, and I’m sure will have much to offer with Open to Success.’
College Alumnus (Author and Journalist)