Student Support and Tutoring

Open to Success offers a variety of support structures to ease students through the final years at school and early years of adulthood. Wellness coaching provides an opportunity to sit and talk through problems and  for those who are struggling with organising their lives, it also provides a clear action plan for success for the future. Others may find  academic support or an exercise programme is what makes a difference. A coach provides support and encouragement when the going gets tough. Therese’s qualifications and experience include Secondary English Teaching so she is able to provide academic and emotional support at the same time.

The years from 17-22  is when young adults lay down the foundations for their adult lives, emancipate from their parents, develop their unique personal adult values and emerge into who they will most probably be for the rest of their lives. It is not surprising then that this is a confusing time for young adults. Recognising this period as a transitional stage, helps us to understand that it’s normal for students to experience indecision and anxiety.

Student Support and Counselling Pricing

  • One on one face to face coaching/tutoring – $120/hr (+GST)
  • Virtual tutoring/editing/academic support – $80.00/hr (+GST)
  • 4 x 1 hr  sessions – $450.00 (+GST)
  • School visits and presentations – contact Therese to discuss your needs and receive a quote

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