When I began Open to Success, my motivation stemmed simply from one thing – to help others. I felt that if I could save some-one the angst that I have been through, in making career choices, then I would be fulfilled. There is certainly merit in that. Having a mission gives us a purpose in life, and once we have established that, we can set a strategy in place to achieve that mission. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? – have mission, will achieve. Well, as anyone will tell you, the first challenge is identifying your mission, the second is the strategy, the third is sticking to your guns and finding the motivation to proceed and succeed.

Having the mission of helping others is so broad that I set up my practice with that in mind. Over the years, I have studied Fitness (I am a registered Fitness Professional), Colour and Design (I taught for a time at the School of Colour and Design in Sydney), and I am a teacher (Master in Education) and educator (multiple disciplines). I want to be able use all these skills to promote the success of others. To that end, I have recently completed an Executive Coaching course at Sydney University. Though this sounds very high brow, it’s just a way of engaging with the corporate world. It was a great course and I felt inspired and motivated to continue on my path to helping others.

So I believe that I have a great deal to offer. But the qualifications I lack now are the ones which will facilitate my wish to help others. I do not have any marketing prowess. I am at the mercy of Google and Facebook – trying to put a message out there and compete against an inordinate number of people who are ‘entrepreneurial’ in spirit and who are doing what I do. The question is “How do you take a mission and turn it into a job?” when there is no institutional and organisational machine behind you?

I don’t have the answer to that  question at this time. However, with a mission as broad as helping others, it’s not a challenge to find fulfillment on a daily basis – as long as my criteria for  success is not financial gain. But is this enough? Well, one can’t live on love alone as much as I’d like to. So maybe I should keep my mission and change my goal. Or keep my mission and change my strategy?

One thing I have learnt over time and from my good friend Krishna Stanton, a marathon runner and silver medallist at the Commonwealth Games, is that you just have to keep going. It doesn’t matter how small the steps or how many detours you have to take, there is a way, as long as you have the tools in the box. Krish was recently injured while running in the Gold Coast marathon. It was to be her last marathon after having recently completed the Boston marathon in appalling conditions. So 7 kms in, she tore her calf muscle. She could have said, that’s it but she has immediately decided that the  next marathon will be her last – because she didn’t finish. She has a ‘never give up’ attitude. She keeps resetting her goals as the goal posts keep moving.

Her example is a good one for all of us.

So in answering the question posed for this Blog

“How important is it to have a mission?”, here is the answer.


but that is not enough. We also need

  1. goals
  2. strategies
  3. resilience
  4. motivation
  5. support
  6. self belief

None of these factors are new to us. We know we need them to succeed. I sit here now asking myself, “So what do I need to do to keep going?”

The answer is simple – “JUST KEEP GOING”.

None of us can know the value of what we do every day. None of us can predict the future. However, if we can keep a positive, open, developmental mindset, we can only continue to grow as people and human beings. This is how we can stay “Open to Success.”