About the Founder – Thérèse Eddy


With a cumulative 30 years working  within the education sector, from early childhood through to tertiary,   Thérèse is both highly experienced and qualified to provide the support needed  in any transitioning and change  process. As a leader, she saw first hand the value of providing  emotional and intellectual support to colleagues and staff. Her passion for this type of work is such that in early 2018, she started Open to Success, believing that to be open to success, we need support and encouragement,  from our very formative years through each stage of our lives. Her qualifications include two Master’s degrees in Education (Leadership and Management and Early Childhood Teaching), as well certificates in  Wellness and Executive Coaching . Parents also need support through each stage of their child’s life and for this reason, Thérèse encourages parents as they navigate an increasingly challenging and demanding world. More recently, she has also been supporting undergraduate teachers as they embark on their higher education studies.

She  is married to Greg Eddy and they have three sons – 25, 23 and 21. She empathizes with  the many challenges we all  face in making choices for a successful future and is confident her experience and qualifications will be of benefit to those in need of her support.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Master of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)
  • Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Master of Education (Leadership and Management)
  • Level 2 Wellness Coaching Certificate
  • Triple P Parenting Course (2004)
  • Level 2  Fitness Professional (Personal Trainer, gym and aqua instructor since 1996)
  • Associate Diploma of Modern Languages (Japanese – 15 years teaching and working in hospitality)
  • Associate Diploma of Colour and Design
  • Bachelor of Arts (English, History and Drama)
  • Diploma of Education (Secondary)